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A service of NEXCOMP, this site is intended to provide useful information on maintaining, upgrading, and repairing your Macintosh. You will find links to a wealth of helpful tips and guides for getting the most out of your Mac as well as technical information for troubleshooting and solving software and hardware problems.


General Support

Software Problems

Memory Upgrades


Hardware Info & Tips


Operating Systems

Other Technical Sites

General Support:

Apple's Tech Info Library (TIL). "Apple's searchable support knowledgebase with over 15,000 easy to read technical articles in topic and discussion format. The TIL has articles on troubleshooting, technical specifications, product history, printer drivers, cables, configurations, diagrams, and much more. This is the same database Apple support specialists use to answer technical questions via the telephone."

Apple Support. Apple's main support page.

The Low End Mac. An comprehensive support page for older Macs from Dan Knight.

Mac Online Technical Journal (MOTJ) "is the place to go for information about serial port throughput, a comparison of the various Macintosh CPUs, and other interesting tidbits hard to find on the web." (from The Low End Mac )

Macintouch. "The original Mac news and information site since 1994" from Ric Ford.

Elliot Harrold's Mac Hardware FAQ. An extensive guide to maintaining and upgrading various Mac models. Covers a wide range of topics, including cleaning of various components, upgrading memory and peripherals, troubleshooting, and repairs.


Memory Upgrades:

Macintosh Memory Guide from Escambia School District. Charts showing how much memory each Mac model comes with, the minimum and maximum RAM configurations, the number of slots available to add RAM, what type of memory to buy, the possible sizes to buy, how many to buy at a time, and any notes associated with upgrading the memory.

Memory Configurations for Servers. (from Apple) Table showing memory configurations for Apple Workgroup and Network Servers.

Memory Configurations for the Portable and PowerBook (from Apple)


Hardware Info & Tips:

Accelerate Your Mac! Source for tips, tricks and reviews to make your Mac run faster.

The Clock Chip Home Page. Extensive information on crystal oscillator swapping/acceleration on Macintosh and clones.

PowerPC Microprocessor Information from IBM.



Operating System:

Mac OS 8.1 Support (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: About Mac OS 8.1 Update (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: "Certain Mac OS 8.1 Extensions Appear Corrupted or Damaged." (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: Creating a Mac OS Extended Startup Volume (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: Late Breaking Tips (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: PC Exchange 2.2: 1GB or Large Volume Support (Apple)

Mac OS 8.1: Sharing CDs on PCI-based Mac Using the Apple CD-ROM Driver (Apple)

Mac OS 8.5.x Support (Apple)

Mac OS 8.6 Support (Apple)

Where to Find Apple Software Updates for downloading (Apple)



Software Problems:

The Complete Conflict Compendium. "The original Mac software conflict guide." An authoritative source for emulation on the MacOS.

The Mac Conflict Solution. Site Tips to help fix software conflict problems.

Macfixit. "Troubleshooting Solution for the Macintosh" A very popular (and good!) site for troubleshooting help.



Griffin Technology. Manufacturer of many unique video adapters and cables for connecting monitors to your Macintosh computer. The Mac Monitor Database has specifications and compatibility information on nearly 2000 monitors.

NEC Monitors Summary of specifications for NEC's line of monitors and appropriate Mac adapters.

Radius Technical Support  for Radius monitors and video cards.



Basic Macintosh Networking "Networking on Macs is easy, but there's a few things that, if pointed out beforehand, will save you a lot of hassle. This collection of web pages is designed to do just that."

A Glossary of Macintosh Networking Terms

Macintosh Networking. Excellent guide from Lee Larson.

Macintosh Networking. From The University of California at Riverside.

MacTCP and related Macintosh software by Eric Behr.


Other Technical Sites:

Daily Mac Tips from MacWorld. Helpful tips for various software and hardware problems. Also has a searchable archive of previous tips.

Mac Resources Another site from Nexcomp containing thousands of Mac-related links.

The Macintosh Tips and First Aid Homepage from Tim Curtin.

The Technical Mac. "...a monthly newsletter designed to help Macintosh users, new and old, with common problems. The writers of "The Technical Mac" are all Macintosh Technicians and have a wealth of knowledge that this newsletter will strive to share with you, our readers.


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