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Google AdWords Guide (cont'd)

I know, I know, using adgroups saves time, sometimes it saves a lot of time however I'm not in business to make time, I'm in business to make profit and lots of it and so are you for that fact, so if it takes some time to properly setup a good Adwords campaign well then so be it, hence I recommend avoiding the widespread use of adgroups for all but the very largest of campaigns.

Adwords should be no different than any other advertising campaign in the sense that you need to track everything and be continuously testing. Adwords will automatically track clicks, impressions and clicks through rates from when your ad goes live until either you or Google pull it. You should constantly analyze these stats for all your ads, discontinue the ones that are performing badly and raise your daily budget for the ones that are doing well so as to multiply your success.

However tracking CTR is only half the battle, you'll also want to track conversion rates from certain ads, that is how many people that clicked through from one of your ads actually bought the product the ad offered. This can be done using affiliate software whereby you could set up a specific tracking URL for each ad and then refer to your affiliate stats to determine conversion rates that way. This specific tracking URL would be entered as your destination URL.

You could also as Google suggests attach an identifying parameter by putting '?referrer=source' at the end of your destination URL. Imagine your normal destination URL was simply turn that into The source would be your keywords to enable you to uniquely identify the ad from which the visitor came. You could then use a web statistics program to determine how many people that bought your product where referred by a particular source / ad.

Testing has been the backbone of many great advertising campaigns on the Internet to date. In Adwords you should test different copy, keywords, CPC and daily budgets on a constant basis in an effort to attain the highest click through rates possible.

Run similar ads together for the same keywords to see what little differences can do to an ads CTR, keep the ads with high CTR's and pull the ones with low CTR's, create more and more ads to run against previously successful ones and again drop the ads with lower CTR's (unless of course the CTR's of these ads is extremely good too but your others are just better). Don't forget to test different things on your landing page too, to try and boost your conversion rate.

Google Adwords guide - Conclusion

Google Adwords when utilized correctly can be a great source of new customers for your business at a very low price. Google doesn't charge you a cent until your daily budget has been reached so you could in theory start to profit without spending anything. I fully endorse Adwords and highly recommend you use it.

Well that's another article finished, its seems to take me longer and longer to put articles together these days, anyway it's all good. You have just read approximately 25,000 bytes of thoroughly researched information regarding the different aspects of Googles award winning Adwords program. Others charge for information like this, but not me. Till next time.

Article by David Callan. David is an Internet marketing professional and webmaster of AKA webmaster forums. Visit his webmaster forums for the latest discussions on search engines, website authoring and Internet marketing related issues and topics.

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