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AdWords Tips and Suggestions (cont'd)

- Get their attention with the first line. This is the text that people will click on AND LOOK AT. If this is your company name YOU WILL NOT GET CLICKS. Do something different in your first line. Ask a question, be funny, make your ad stand out somehow.

- If you aren't a good, creative writer, look at the other ads that are at the top for the keywords you want. Find things about each you like and form your own ad. DO NOT just copy one... that will just hurt both of you.

- Make 3 similar, but unique remarks. You have 3 lines, use them all. Three short, powerful messages will help you get more traffic. Make sure each HAS TO DO WITH THE KEYWORDS THAT ARE IN THE ADGROUP. If you set it up the way I suggest, you can make every ad about the keyword they searched for. This will make your ads more targeted then the others who use the same ad for every keyword. DON'T BE THAT GUY!

4. OVERPAY FOR THE FIRST MONTH! Like I said before, Google gives extra credit for high CTR's. Also, the #1, 2, and 3 positions get a higher CTR naturally. If you can pay a little extra and put your keywords in those spots AND do everything else, you will get a high CTR... I have gotten well over 12% for the month at times. Then you can back off you Cost Per Click and you will still get the benifit of having that high CTR. You will probably get a bit less traffic, but it will also be more in your budget. The added benifit is you will also see your traffic POTENTIAL for Google and know where you can get to just by raising your CPC again.

5. TEST YOUR ADS AND EVOLVE YOUR CAMPAIGN. Run 2 (and only 2) Ads in each and every Ad Group. At least once a month check the CTR for each ad. Whichever is the best, keep it. Whichever is the worst, delete or tweak it. Two competing ads will give you an idea of what is working and what isn't. Try different things. If you see something you tried in one Group, try it in your other groups the next month. If you create it and leave it, you are missing out on the full potential!

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