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Offline Promotion Guide


Word of mouth

Last but by no means least is good old word of mouth promotion. This is the most effective method of promotion as a referral from a friend or work colleague creates a highly qualified prospect who is much more likely to buy from you than anyone who wasn't referred to you.

Think about it, would you be more likely to buy your new shiny golf clubs from a company that you first became aware of in the classified section of the 'Timbuktu Express' or the company your best friend told you about, the company he bought the set he loves and uses all the time from?

You must have a good product and website for word of mouth to work, why would people want to spread the URL of a bad website amongst their friends, family and co-workers? Well simply put, they wouldn't.

You however for a start should tell any people you deal with about your website and ask them to tell others, remember they won't want to do this unless they like your setup so make sure your products, website and customer service are top-notch.

Sorry about mentioning this for what now must be the third time, but I feel it's necessary. Word of mouth promotion will be helped dramatically if your domain name is short and easy to remember. If however it's not, don't fret, I would suggest you simply buy a secondary domain name which is easy to remember and simply redirect to your main site. Last time I mention any domain name stuff I promise :-)


Above we've dealt with different aspects of offline promotion for your website, you may have used some or all of them before, then again you may not have ever participated in an offline marketing campaign before. If you're one of the latter read my closing statement very carefully.

Even if your business only exits in the virtual world you must realize ALL your customers live and always will live in the physical world and hence can be reached much better from the physical world. The moral of the story is never ever forget about the offline promotion of your website. Your success or failure could depend on it.

Article by David Callan. David is an Internet marketing professional and webmaster of AKA webmaster forums. Visit his webmaster forums for the latest discussions on search engines, website authoring and Internet marketing related issues and topics.

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