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Overture Tips and Suggestions (cont'd)

Overture Tips

1. Write an Ad for EVERY Keyword. Don't be lazy. Take the time and do this right. No one has every made their millions by taking the shortcut.

2. Use the Keyword that the add is for in EVERY AD. Yahoo's Engine BOLDS your keyword to make it stand out. I just see that MSN now LINKS your Keyword in every Ad! This means you get more chances for your ad to be clicked if you put your keyword in the ad. This is another reason you need to write an ad for every keyword!

3. You get a little more room and flexibility in writing your Overture ads. You aren't tied in to that 3 line box like AdWords has. BUT it is VERY IMPORTANT to say what you mean at the BEGINNING. Many of the users of Overture CUT OFF YOUR ADS and put a .... If you wait till the end to say what you are selling, it might get cut off.

4. If you are in the top 5 positions, you get a little bonus. For Yahoo's Engine, you get listed TWICE on the homepage if you are in positions 3-5. You will get listed on the SIDE and AT THE BOTTOM. Check it out! The ads are the same for 3-5 as the very bottom under the results. This used to be the same on MSN, but they are now repeating ads 1-3 AT THE TOP and AT THE BOTTOM. Therefore if you are not in 1-5, you are missing out on FREE exposure.

5. Check, Check, Check, Monitor, Check, Monitor, Check. Don't create your Overture account and then leave it. You should go in at least once a week and make sure you are still in the position you want to be. You need to check your competitors and see what they are doing. You need to write down every time you think of a new keyword and add it to your campaign. Every time you launch a new product/service, tweak the ads that need to reflect it.

6. Be creative! Make Overture ads for Specials you are running on a product. Are you offering Free Shipping? Tell them in the overture ad! Are you giving away a prize? Promote it! Use it for things that no one else is!

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