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Writing for publicity


You'll find that most webmasters will email you informing you that they're using your article but some won't so it's a good idea to check back with the more popular sites you've submitted to now and again.

After a couple of months you should find your backward links filled with sites from your mailing list.

Next we'll talk about actual free content directories, free content groups and other content resources available on the web. There are plenty of these on the web, many are a complete waste of time, however others can really help to get your articles out there.

Free content directories are sites which categorize hundreds even thousands of articles which writers have submitted and given permission for people to publish. When ezine and website publishers visit these they search for articles related to their industry and publish ones they like. This is why you want all your articles in all the content directories, the directories that are worthwhile anyhow.

Here's a few of the most popular places writers like to submit their work. -
This is one of the biggest directories on the web, your articles however have to be available via autoresponder otherwise they won't publish them. - -

Content groups serve the same principal as content directories, there're basically a place to connect writers and people looking for articles. These groups are hosted by Yahoo and Topica mostly. Writers can submit articles via the Internet or send them to the group email address. Most groups are moderated to prevent blatant advertisements and to maintain a high standard of articles so your article may not be published for a couple of days.

The moderator of the group usually selects his or her favorite articles from recent submissions, these articles are then emailed to members of the group. Some members however choose not to receive articles via email but to read them online instead.

Here's some of the content groups I submit articles to along with the latest member numbers.

Yahoo Groups - article_annouce - 1821
Yahoo Groups - Free-Content - 848
Yahoo Groups - aabusiness - 839
Yahoo Groups - articles_archives - 594
Yahoo Groups - Free-Reprint-Articles - 237
Yahoo Groups - publisher_network - 209
Yahoo Groups - ArticlePublisher - 129
Yahoo Groups - FreeWrites - 118

Before you can submit to any of these you've to have a Yahoo id and then join each group individually. Also see

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