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Writing for publicity


Now I'll talk about the websites which publish ezines but don't say if they accept articles. Just because they don't mention it on their websites doesn't mean they don't accept articles. For sites like these I use a couple of directories devoted to listing ezines only and not free content. These include and These directories will usually tell you the following information and more about each ezine they list:

Ezine name
Name and email of the Editor/Publisher
Content Type
Subscription address
If they accept articles or not, what type of articles they accept and how to submit them.
And of course the all important circulation number.

Simply enter your search criteria and visit the bio page for each ezine. Be patient as for some searches there are 2500+ ezines listed. When on an ezines bio page check to see if their circulation is above 500, (otherwise it will just be a waste of time) if it is check to see if the ezine accepts articles. If they do add the editors or publishers first name (if you can), ezine name and the article submission email address to your ezine publishers mailing list. It will take time to visit all the ezine bio pages but after doing so your mailing list should start to take shape. Be careful not to have duplicates in your mailing list, this is sure to annoy the unlucky publisher who receives the same article three or four times.

The resources mentioned higher up the article are only a fraction of the resources available, doing a simple search for related keywords should return many more places for you to promote your articles.

One more final point before I conclude, recently I came across a service on a website. The service offered to promote your article for $50 by sending it to 2,800 ezine publishers. I considered giving the service a try myself but then thought what about the next article I want to submit? I'll have to pay $50 over and over again and I'm not going to do that so I decided against using this service. I would have to promote my articles myself. The point I'm trying to make is to gradually build your own list of people who are interested in your articles then this list will be your for keeps. Don't borrow someone else's list. The process is slower but much more profitable in the long run.

That's the end of the article, in it you've learned the power behind writing articles for others, what's needed in order for your article to be published and what resources there are to help you. Hopefully you can benefit from the information you've read here. Happy Writing!

Article by David Callan. David is an Internet marketing professional and webmaster of AKA webmaster forums. Visit his webmaster forums for the latest discussions on search engines, website authoring and Internet marketing related issues and topics.

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