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Search Engine Optimization Guide  (cont'd)

Title tags are easy to include in webpages - You simply put your title between two HTML title tags. Here's the HTML needed

<title> AKA Marketing - Internet Marketing Articles, Internet Marketing strategies, tips, tricks and secrets </title>

The start title tag <title> and the end title tag </title> should be placed between the <head> and </head> HTML tags of your page, these tags are at the top of all HTML pages.

OK now you know where to put it, but how do you know what to put in it. Have a look at the sample title I have included above, it targets my main keyphrases

  • Internet Marketing Articles

  • Internet Marketing Strategies

It also targets secondary keyphrases like

  • Internet Marketing tips

  • Internet Marketing tricks

  • Internet Marketing secrets

and reads very well which helps to attract searchers to the AKA site.

Don't even think about having a title page like PAGE 1, Joe's home page, My home page or any other title that's not very descriptive because it won't help you one bit.

Take another look at my title above, obviously it has got my main words in it such as Internet Marketing Articles, strategies, tips, tricks and secrets. Since search engines often return the title in the search results, your HTML title should be both very descriptive and attractive, the example given above is.

Remember including your keywords in your title is imperative not just for getting good rankings but also to allow to searcher to mentally associate your listing with a good find, which he or she will do when they see the search query is present in your title, hence they'll be more likely to click through to your site.

You may notice I included AKA Marketing in my title tag, I did this because

  1. Many search engines and directories display web sites alphabetically. Therefore, to take advantage of this, I included my website name AKA Marketing at the start of my title. A is the first letter of the alphabet, its a capital. Capitals are alphabetically higher than lower case letters, so on search engines that list sites alphabetically I will appear before sites with similar content that either have a small a or any other letter. I will also appear ahead of anyone with a capital A and a lowercase letter as their 2nd letter in their title tag because K is my 2nd letter.

  2. My website name matches my domain name and I personally think it is smart, catchy and very memorable so I included it in the hope people might revisit.

  3. It makes the site seem more professional.

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