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Search Engine Optimization Guide  (cont'd)

Regards point #1, beware not to put in characters that don't make any sense because your title not only has to be nice to search engines but also has to be nice and attractive to people, the titles do actually get read you know!.

As for the length of your title try to keep it at about 12-20 words and less than 150 characters, having more than this will lessen the relevancy of words in the tag and therefore they will become less important to the search engines. If however you need a longer title perhaps because you're targeting a wide range of keyphrases it is advisable to put your most important keyphrases early in the tag, the reason for this is that some search engines will truncate your tag and only take a certain amount of it.

Meta Tags

Meta tags like title tags are tags which are embedded in the HTML of a page. However they are not as important as title tags because only a handful of search engines use them as a factor when determining the relevancy of a page. They still must be included in all your webpages however to get maximum results from the search engines.

There are two types of meta tags which search engines look at, the meta keywords tag and the meta description tag. Simply put the keywords tag contains your keywords and keyphrases and the description tag contains a keyphrase rich description of your site.

Here's the HTML needed for the meta keywords tag.

<meta name="keywords" content="Internet Marketing Articles, Online Marketing tips, strategies, Internet marketing tricks, secrets, website promotion">

Now here's the HTML need for the meta description tag.

<meta name="description" content="AKA Marketing for Internet Marketing Articles, also Online Marketing strategies, tips, tricks and secrets">

Again these tags have to be included between the two head tags <HEAD> </HEAD>

Let's start with the keywords tag, this is where you list words and phrases related to your website theme. You will see above that I have included my main keyphrase right at the start of the tag - "Internet Marketing Articles", this is because some search engines will see words that start early in the keywords tag as more important than ones just before the end of the tag.

The search engines that use the meta keywords tag all differ when it comes to this assigning relavency to words within the tag, but they all seem to rate pages with short to medium length keywords tag better, so I would suggest that you keep your keywords meta tag between 150 to 250 characters.

I have a lot less than 250 characters in the example keywords tag I give above this is because I do not want to dilute the importance of "Internet Marketing Articles" by including lots of words which I have not placed elsewhere on my page.

Don't repeat a word more than 3-5 times in your tag because most search engines nowadays will see this a spamming and could penalize you in the form of poor ranking or complete exclusion from their database.

The reason that the keywords meta tag is not widely used by search engines is because the text in this tag cannot be seen by visitors to a website. Therefore the search engines feel this tag will be abused, by webmasters placing lots of unrelated words within it in order to get more visitors.

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