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Search Engine Optimization Guide  (cont'd)

Another particularly useful approach is to put your keywords in the actual hyperlink text used for navigating from page to page in your site. Both of these methods will help to increase your keyword density.

You should get your own domain name too. Names can now be up to 63 characters in length, so you should get keyword rich domains as many of the big search engines have been noticed to give extra relevancy to websites with keywords in their domain name.

Well that's the end of our search engine optimization guide, if you can implement the methods you have just learned you should have no problem getting a few top 20 rankings.

Just remember to target 2 or 3 keyphrases and have these in the most important areas of your pages. These areas are listed below in order of importance.

  • Title tag.

  • First few lines of HTML code.

  • The main body - <b>, <h1> tags and link text.

  • Meta tags.

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