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  • What is Coupert?

    Coupert is a browser extension which automatically finds, tests, and applies the best available coupon codes at checkout. And most importantly, it's completely free!

  • How does it work?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    When you shop online with Coupert, you can see our Coupert icon on the top right of the browser with the number of coupons it finds. Click on the Coupert button, you can browse and copy all available coupon codes. Just like the Screenshot below: When you choose your favorite products and arrive at checkout, Coupert will appear automatically. A small window will appear on the top right corner with available coupons. Coupert will automatically test and apply those codes after you click the “Apply Savings” button. Finally, you will get the best price on your order. Here’s another situation. What if Coupert doesn’t support your favorite store? Don’t worry! Please feel free to contact us by email.
    Enjoy your shopping!

  • How can I get Coupert?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    Three steps to installing Coupert:
    Step 1: Please go to
    Step 2: Click the "Save Cash" or "Add to Chrome" button
    Step 3: Install Coupert extension and start saving

  • Does Coupert extension will slow my computer down?

    No. In fact, the Coupert extension is similar to opening a web page on your computer, and the resource it takes is less than other web pages need. So it will not slow down your computer. You could click on Chrome in the top right corner, “More tools > Task manager”, to check the memory and CPU on your computer.

  • What is Coupert Gold?

    Last updated: January 9, 2018
    Coupert Gold is another way to save your money. It can be exchanged for real money(via PayPal). When you shop online with Coupert in cooperative stores of Coupert, you can earn Coupert Gold.
    Also, you can get Gold when you install, sign up using Facebook or email, and invite your friends to install and sign up Coupert. Coupert Gold is a way to thank you for choosing Coupert. So what are you waiting for? Come on and join us!

  • How to active Coupert Gold Rewards?

    Firstly, you should install the Coupert extension and create an account. Then, activate the cash back when you do e-shopping in cashback stores, and do not forget the connection of your account to track your order, you will earn a percentage in Gold. More details?
    Gold is rewarded on the purchase subtotal and does not include tax or any additional fees such as shipping. The reward you receive is a randomized amount and varies from site to site. Your reward percentage is the luck of the draw!
    If a site offers Coupert Gold, you can see a pop-up with Active Rewards button. Also, when the Coupert Auto-Test does not find a valid code, the results page displays the rewards activated in this cash back store. And we're in the process of adding more merchants of offering Coupert Gold, so stay tuned!
    Some stores have exclusions. After you've activated Gold, check the exclusions list under the activated rewards.
    Note: using another rewards program will likely interfere with Coupert. We recommend disabling any other rewards program or ad-block extensions/programs to ensure you're earning Coupert Gold on every eligible purchase. Once you've completed your purchase, you can re-activate your ad-block extension/programs.

  • What do the different statuses mean?

    Pending: Coupert Gold usually appears as Pending before the merchant verifies your purchase.
    Confirmed: Coupert Gold can be withdrawn via PayPal when it appears as Confirmed.
    Cancelled: Gold status changes to be Cancelled for these conditions: your action of cancelling order or being against Coupert's policies.
    Rejected: Any misconduct in contravention of Coupert's Policies can result in rejection of your withdrawal application.
    Locked: Coupert Gold will remain as Locked after you submit a withdrawal application.
    Paid: The status of Coupert Gold appears as Paid when Coupert completes the transfer.
    Expired: If you don't earn any new Coupert Gold in 12 months, all your current Coupert Gold in your account will become expired.

  • Why is my Gold pending?

    Transactions remain pending for 60 days while the merchant confirms your purchase and verifies that items from your order haven't been returned or refunded. If you do return part of your purchase, the amount of Coupert Gold you earn will adjust accordingly.
    If you make a reservation on a travel site, you cannot receive gold until your reservation is completed. These pending periods are determined by the merchant. Once we receive confirmation that you'll earn Coupert Gold for the purchase (after the return window has ended or in the case of a travel reservation, when the stay is completed) our system automatically posts Gold to your account.
    Please reach out to us if you have any questions about pending Gold on your transactions.

  • How to redeem my Gold?

    100 Gold coins = 1$ USD. You can claim your reward when your Coupert Gold meets the minimum requirement of 1,000 Confirmed Gold every time. And, at least 50% of the order Gold coins for each withdrawal.
    At present, we only support PayPal to withdraw, you can claim for withdrawal at any time, we will complete the transfer within 3 working days after the approval of your claim. In addition, the handling fee is deducted directly from your cash withdrawal amount.

  • What is Task Gold and Order Gold?

    • Task Gold
    Source: Install Coupert, Create Account, Invite Friend, Gold Division• Order Gold
    Source: First Qualifying(Only Some Early Members have), Place Order, Referral Reward"Gold Division" when you are not eligible to withraw all your account balance due to the withdrawal condition, some task Gold will be splited.

  • Why does not my Gold appear on my Coupert account?

    If your Gold does not appear on your account, consider the following questions:
    a. When did you make your purchase?
    Coupert Gold transactions take about 1-15 days to appear in your account. So don't worry, it could still be processing behind the scenes! If you don't see your transaction in your account after 15 days, reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

    b. Did you make a purchase from a shopping site that offers the rewards?
    Coupert Gold program isn't available at every shopping site, but we'll let you know if a site offers Coupert Gold. You can see a pop-up with Active Rewards button. Also, when the Coupert Auto-Test does not find a valid code, the results page displays the Active Rewards button in cash back stores.

    c. Do you have another cash-back/rewards program active on your browser?
    When you use two or more cash-back/rewards programs, the credit can only be attributed to one of us. We don't have a way of knowing which company will receive credit for your transaction.

    d. Did you buy an item that does not offer the reward?
    Exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant. An item you purchased was not eligible for the offer.

    e. You have not logged in the account. The account login is to track your order.
    If none of these questions apply to your purchase, send us your receipt (as a screenshot or forward along the confirmation email) with the date of purchase, total price paid, and order number and we'll look into it for you!

  • How is the Cash Back rate calculated?

    If Cash Back rate of a store is up to 20%, that is to say, the max Cash Back rate is 20%.
    The Cash Back rate is variable, depending on your order amount, the items and categorie of your purchase, and the store. And exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant.
    *The maximum cash back bonus for a single order is 5,000 Gold(=$50.00)

  • Does Coupert Gold expire?

    Coupert Gold doesn't expire as long as your account remains active. We define an account as active if you earn the Gold, no matter how many, within a consecutive 12-month period.

  • Can I refer people?

    Yes, of course! If you want to share Coupert with your friends, just send them your unique link. There is no time or quantity limit on your referral link.

  • What kind of stores accept Coupert?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    Coupert works with nearly all kinds of stores, such as arts & entertainment (Snapfish), autos & vehicles (Tires Direct), beauty & fitness (Ulta Beauty), and clothing & accessories (Footlocker and Lane Bryant), etc. You can find all these stores on our website. We are trying our best to increase stores that support Coupert.

  • Can I use Coupert in-store?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    For now, Coupert can only be used for online shopping, however, you will find all the best deals online using Coupert.

  • What countries does Coupert work in?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    You can enjoy online shopping in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and France for now. We are devoted to adding more countries and stores to our extension.

  • Why can Coupert not find a valid coupon code?

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    Coupons may not apply to your order because the store may have purchasing criteria. For example, there is a coupon that applies to orders over $50, but your order is under $50, this coupon will not work. We know this may let you down, but coupon codes may also be expired. Unfortunately, we cannot create coupons; we just fnd and test them. On the other hand, when coupon codes are invalid we offer cash back at many stores.

  • I forgot my password

    Last updated: January 22, 2018
    Don’t worry, it might happen. When you log in with incorrect password, the extension will tell you your information is incorrect. Click the “Forgot” link and then you can reset your password.

  • How can I contact the Coupert team?

    If you have any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected]